Alloy and Stainless Welding & Fabrication
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Custom made stainless and alloy items and projects

At Waikawa Marine & Rigging, we pride our-selves in the design and manufacture of top quality stainless work. From small intricate items such as removable pad eyes and to larger structures including stem fittings and bimini frames.

We are experts in alloy and stainless welding, fabrication and repairs including:

  • Steel & alloy boat repairs
  • Pushpits and pulpits
  • Stem fittings
  • Radar arches
  • Davits
  • Bimini frames
  • Stanchions
  • Dive bottle holders
  • Hand rails
  • Dive Bottle Holders
  • What is your project??
Welding is in our blood

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At Waikawa Marine & Rigging, we offer all systems required to run your vessel - Including

  • Anchor & sheet winches -Service, repairs and sales
  • Fresh and salt water systems, pumps and plumbing
  • Toilet and shower reworks
  • Tank manufacture and maintenance
  • Interior paint and varnish
Our 20m workshop in the Waikawa Marina

Examples of custom designed and manufactured projects

removable padeyes

Custom made removable padeyes

Ever tripped over a padeye on your boat? With our removable padeys that is a thing of the past. We manufacture them in stainless steel. They are designed to be absolutely watertight and sit almost flush on the deck where ever you need them.

For example while cruising, the padeye is in place to safely secure your dinghy, but once you anchor and the dinghy is afloat you can take the padeye out and have them out of harms way.

We supply them in two different sizes.

Geoff, I want some too

custom made dinghy davit

Dinghy Davit

Dinghy handling systems designed, manufactured and installed to suit your requirements.

We have built many custom made dinghy davits in stainless steel. You can have them anywhere you want: We have installed them on flybridges or like the one in the video at the back of a boat.

They can be crane like, fixed, tilting or turning, depending on your requirements and boat style.

Talk to us about your idea

Dive bottles holder

Divebottles Holder

Design, fabrication and install

Our customer required divebottle holders "out of harms" way for his cruising yacht. Sure.

You want your bottle clear of the deck, so they don't scratch the teak finish? No problem.

Better have them clamped outside to the rail to maximise deckspace? Check!

What do you require?