Your Complete Rigging Service

At Waikawa Marine & Rigging, we can take care of your rigging requirements whether you are a dinghy sailor, competitive racer or cruising yachtsman. Our rigging service includes expert advice and covers complete mast replacements, as well as repairs and re-rigs.

Mast replacement

We can organise a new mast custom built to suit your vessel.


We do repair jobs or full replacement of these important safety devices for you.

Mast removal & repairs

Your mast can be removed and taken to our workshop for repairs and re stepped on completion. It will be stored safely in our 20 meter workshop while work is carried out.


Sales, servicing and repairs of all makes.


Finding your rigging is broken when out at sea is never a good idea. Keep your rigging in ship shape order. We can do completely replacements or maybe just a partial repair is necessary.

Architectural Rigging

Yes, that is right! Rigging is not limited to your boat. Why not have a custom made balustrade for your house or batch to continue the marine features and looks on your land.

Rig appraisals and tunes

Looking to buy 'that boat'? Let us help you putting your mind at ease with our pre-purchase rig appraisal. Our findings will enable you to make an informed decision, because you know if or what repairs are required.

Splicing and mooring lines

What ever your specific requirements may be. We will provide you with expert advice and a finished product.